Hazardous Material Investigations

Jack Ward Fire Consultants is committed to continually meeting the growing needs of our industry. When the need arises for certified fire and explosion investigators who are also Hazardous Materials (HAZWOPER) certified and credentialed to enter those sites deemed too dangerous for a normal origin and cause examination, we are available to respond. Our team is Pro-Board certified to the HAZWOPER awareness, operations, and technician level and possesses the same expertise you expect from your certified fire investigators. Our team has all the required credentials along with the required HAZWOPER medical following. This means that as a company, we possess the training, equipment, and credentials to safely and legally enter those sites that have been declared too dangerous for normal habitation. No longer will you have to “write-off” a loss without the benefit of a fire or explosion investigation because of the presence of hazardous materials.

Some of the loss sites commonly encountered that may potentially house hazardous materials:

  • Clandestine Drug Labs
  • Chemical Warehouses
  • Large Scale Industry
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Asbestos in buildings built before 1979

Chemicals, poisons, solvents, asbestos, mercury, drug labs and commercial industry present unique concerns when conducting a fire or explosion origin and cause investigation. When State and Federal agencies declare the loss site unsafe for normal entry, they require the presence of a hazardous materials company for air monitoring and ultimate cleanup. Without a HAZWOPER certified fire investigator, either the investigation is significantly delayed and evidence is lost or the claim is settled without identifying possible subrogation avenues. Retaining our HAZWOPER certified fire investigation team allows immediate access to the loss site and assures that a thorough fire investigation can be conducted in spite of the hazardous materials that are present. This allows early identification of those avenues where monetary recovery may be possible.