Blaze’s Travels: Georgia On His Mind

Blaze 2

Blaze was caught trying to hitch a ride to a structure fire in Fulton County, Georgia! The bunker gear was just a little too heavy for his little doggy paws and there was no room for his tail.

Blaze 3

Luckily they caught the little rascal before he could get into any more mischief. But before they got back to the station he had run off again! I wonder where he is going to end up next?

David Cheers Presenting at Tennessee Chapter IAAI Annual Traing Conference

TN IAAI Come listen to David Cheers, along with Peter Layson of AEGI, present Emerging Trends in Kitchen Fire Investigations, at the Tennessee Chapter of the IAAI’s Annual Training Conference.

Conference is currently being held at the Music Road Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee through August 4th, 2017.

More Information can be found at


Blaze’s Travels – Part 1: Little Stowaway

Conference Swag

Blaze was caught sifting through all the FIFEC 2017 conference swag, trying to find his favorites!

Sewing Room

Our Junior Fire Investigator was hanging out in the sewing room trying to relax after his adventures in Orlando! He was contemplating taking sewing up as a hobby, until his exhaustion got the better of him.  Blaze didn’t realize how exhausting it is to be a stowaway in someone’s luggage!

Happy Independence Day – Offices Closed

4th Jack Ward Fire Consultants would like to wish you and your family a
Happy Fourth of July!  Our offices will be closed Tuesday, July 4, 2017.

On this day, we honor the men and women of our armed forces along with their family and friends that have served to protect our great nation. Thank you all for your service and sacrifice.

Meet Blaze – Junior Fire Investigator


Hello everyone, meet Blaze, our Junior Fire Investigator! He travels the world with his Dad who is one of our experts in Origin and Cause Investigations. He likes to learn about lots of new things from lots of new people and spreads the word about the amazing world of Fire Investigation. He loves to visit his friends and he hopes to visit you soon to learn about the exciting new things that happen in your life!